Join us on a journey towards a textile industry!

Turning textile waste into valuable new fibers is what our innovative technology is all about.

Cellulose fiber

SaXcell is a Man Made Cellulose Fiber made from used cotton textiles.

The fibers are perfectly fit for making high quality new textiles such as garments or household textiles.

The recycling process we use is a lyocell process.

This is more sustainable than growing cotton or using a viscose process for recycling.

Less dyes are needed to colour the SaXcell fibers which further reduces the negative environmental impact.

The lyocell process results in SaXcell fibers that are strong and soft at the same time.

Closed loop recycling

SaXcell closes the loop; used textiles collected and sorted are the feedstock for making high quality new fibers.

Used textiles are transformed into new raw materials (Man Made Cellulose Fibers) for making new textiles.

SaXcell fibers can be used in existing supply chains.

No changes to existing textile production equipment anywhere in the supply chain are necessary for using SaXcell fibers.

Used SaXcell fibers can serve as feedstock for the same process again.

Of course we recommend using the products (garments or household textiles) as long as possible before recycling again.

Wet Spinning
SaXcell Fiber
Yarn Spinner
Garment Producer

Benefits to the environment

Using textile waste as feedstock requires much less water, land and chemicals compared to growing conventional cotton.

SaXcell stems from the belief that by turning used textiles into new textiles we can reduce (or avoid) the depletion of natural resources, which in turn contributes to safeguarding the livelyhoods of future generations.
Our process uses about 10 liter of water per kg SaXcell, whereas for growing cotton, water consumption is at least 2000 liter of water per kg of cotton.

Saxcell offers a solution for the millions of garments that are incinerated or put to landfill everyday.

We challenge ourselves to design our processes in the most sustainable way possible and share our experience for others to follow suit. Therefore SaXcell uses the most sustainable chemical recycling process available: a lyocell process.
In this eco-friendly process the used cotton textiles are dissolved in a closed loop system without any potentially harmful chemicals. Water and chemicals are recycled during the process.

Latest News

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At SaXcell we are continuously developing our technologies further. Working with students is a great way to move faster and learn more.
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In the Dutch Textile Services magazine of May the founders of SaXcell are highlighting the journey of developing SaXcell.
Revolutionary new fibers – turning textile waste into new material - protecting the environment
On this World Environment Day, let's take a step together to protect our planet. Let’s continue working towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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